Temptation Restaurant Amritsar

As you drive into the holy city Amritsar, one cannot help but agree to the widespread title of it being an epicure’s land.  A connoisseur here will get the best places to eat in Amritsar. The gourmet food will surely leave any food lover in awe. Temptation Restaurant is the best restaurant in Amritsar has all of the variety of food to offer to travelers from any corner of the world. One of the best restaurants in Amritsar believes in providing top-notch hospitality services to the guests. Tourists, travelers and even people whose stomachs are accustomed to given standards of hygiene, this restaurant has the best food in Amritsar, and it follows all ways to maintain high standards of cleanliness from the procurement of raw vegetables and food ingredients to serving supreme dishes.

Tastylicious food

All one needs is tastylicious food and great ambiance to create a magnificent experience. People traveling to Amritsar to satisfy their wanderlust even look for family-style dining ethics. Guests look for communal experience by choosing large dining options at the restaurant. The back house team of our restaurant feels more satisfied with preparing family-oriented dishes, as they are sure of it will be well relished by the group. Even if the guests are not celebrating, large format dining dishes help in creating a moment of celebration. They know that Temptation Restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Amritsar and it has something planned for them. The house is always as excited as the guests to prepare something special to present the delicacy to them.

Top 10 restaurant in Amritsar

Of all the restaurants in Amritsar, Temptations is one of the top 10 Restaurants in Amritsar that has foods to cater to the craving taste buds. To begin with, it has authentic Indian curries and meats, marinated with rare herbs and outlandish spices with selected artisanal bread that are baked in traditional Indian iron tandoor besides the clay tandoor. The express Indian Thali is super awesome to try when one wants to taste a bit of everything. It serves the favorite Punjabi dish called Daal Makhani. Non-vegan lovers will find chicken tikka masala, fish fingers and tandoori fish in Amritsar which are one of the top orders of Indians and non-Indians when they are dining at Temptation Restaurant.

Even if it is just a simple out with a bunch of friends, or the near and dears, it does create a sense of celebration. Aforethought to call us in advance to book yourself and your friends a table is always worth and will help us organize better as per your requirement. As a restaurateur, we can tell you that we enjoy not in making the best margins with our services and dishes. It is the pride we feel in serving the best food in Amritsar that makes your outing very special.

Devour with us:

Call us at 098555 52098, +91-98555-53049 to make a booking. Visit us at 103, Circular Road, Near Trillium Mall, Amritsar, Punjab 143001. Whether it’s your first date, an anniversary, a birthday party or a family dinner, we will make sure that you have an exceptional experience during your visit to our restaurant.