best food in amritsar

Good food and Amritsar seem to have deep love for each other. And what should I say about the Amritsari people, they have highly evolved palates who seem to understand food.  Just take a ride through the old by lanes of the city and you can find centuries old spots in nooks and corners dishing out unbelievably tasty and gastronomically satisfying recipes. Therefore, this kind of a setting can put and any restaurateur in a tight spot but not Mr Amandeep Singh the owner of Temptation- A multi-cuisine restaurant in Amritsar. He probably has his finger on the pulse of Amritsari people and seems to understand their palate. It’s been more than a decade now that Temptation has been dishing out culinary delights for its loyal patrons. It would not be wrong if we say that Temptation shines the brightest on the gourmand map of Amritsar. It indeed serves the best food in Amritsar.

Well, now let’s delve deeper into this hot shot restaurant called Temptation and understand why it is making ripples in Amritsar’s gourmand circuit.

Best Food in Amritsar

Temptation boasts of a large rambling menu that can tantalise the taste buds of a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian equally. Besides, the menu is truly global as it serves North Indian, Mughlai, Awadhi, Kashmiri, Mexican, Continental, Chinese and Thai food. Their cool inventive mock tails are an absolute favourite among the regular temptation goers. A good chef is a blessing for a restaurant as he is the one who brings soul to a recipe. And Temptation can easily boast that they have onboard a one hell of chef who loves experimenting with unique flavours and loves creating different dishes.

Great Ambience

Temptation is a cool hangout place where you can unwind after a day’s work. It’s a three storeyed restaurant with different décor on all the three floors. The party halls can comfortably accommodate 50-200 people. The music played here complements the environment and does not interfere with your hearty conversations. It’s ideal for outings with family and friends.  Therefore Temptation is ‘the place’ for all kinds of outing.

All in all if you are a diehard food lover then Temptation is just your kind of place. The food offerings are plentiful in terms of quality, quantity and flavours. There is an in infectious vibe in the restaurant which helps you loosen up and will compel you to visit again and again. It indeed is the top restaurant in Amritsar.