Amritsari Fish- Temptation Restaurant Amritsar

Amritsar or Ambarsar as we call it lovingly is the largest city of Punjab, the Northwest state of India. The abundance of milk, dry fruits, spices, and food grains ever since the colonial time and even before helped Amritsar become a leading trading center. As a result of the easy availability of all these ingredients, it evolved to become a food-lovers haven. Amritsar is known to have dished out so many delectable cuisines that it shines brightly on the gastronomic getaways of any and every foodie all over the world. The creamy lassi, brown crispy kulchas, simmering hot and tangy chickpeas and last but not the least the Tandoori Fish Amritsar can be devoured in the small by-lanes of this nostalgic city.
With the passage of time, these vaults of amazing food have moved to the more happening and swanky locales of the new city and at the same time some of the upmarket restaurants have also perfected the art of cooking these delectable dishes. One such place where you can devour authentic Amritsari Fish is at The Temptation Restaurant.
The key ingredient for dishing out a perfect Amritsari Fish is sourcing of the fish and thereafter comes the technique of cooking it. The unique flavor of the fish can be achieved only when the fish is prepared in the city sourced from the local fresh fish market although the importance of the cooking technique cannot be undermined. We use the best freshwater river fish called Sole for this delicacy. After sourcing the fish we generally deep freeze it for a day and use it the next day as this helps it give its succulent juicy taste inside. The fish is marinated in gram flour batter with a zing of lemon juice and our signature hand-ground masalas which gives it its unique flavor. After this, the pieces of fish are deep fried in boiling hot oil. Such is the craze for this variety of dish that our valued patrons especially drop down to our restaurant to devour this delicacy. The eponymous Amritsari Fish, apart from being a culinary delight, is healthy too. It is known to help prevent many heart diseases.
Besides Amritsari Fish, we have Fish-Tikka and Fish-Finger as well on our menu, which is also an absolute favorite among our patrons. Fish-Tikka is marinated in authentic fresh hand ground spices and curd and then it is baked in mud tandoor over red-hot coal that gives it its signature smoky flavor. This is an absolute crowd puller in our restaurant.