mushrooms at Temptation Restaurant

Mushroom is a vegetable that is full of many nutrients that are very helpful for the human body; hence eating Mushroom is one of the best habits that you can develop. After preparing, it becomes softer and almost melts in the mouth when you eat it. Many mushroom dishes are available to eat in Amritsar as it is the best food in Amritsar because vegetarian people here in Amritsar love eating soft and delicious food that is also rich in nutrients. One can enjoy a variety of mushroom dishes that are best to taste and good for health.

Mushroom Soups                   

Soups are good for health as many vegetables are used in preparing soups; hence, the mushroom soup is also an excellent dish to try out. The taste can vary according to the vegetables used, but the taste of Mushroom can be felt in every sip of mushroom soup as the Mushroom is a key ingredient in that.

Mushroom Biryani

Biryani is a very famous dish in India, and it comes in many varieties that include categories like veg and non-veg biryanis. Mushroom Biryani is a veg dish that is prepared using rice and Mushroom with some of the best Indian spices. It is a good alternative for those who love biryani, but they don’t want to eat chicken biryani. The taste is almost similar, and you can never tell the difference between chicken and Mushroom. For Mushroom Biryani lovers you can visit the best restaurant in Amritsar. All you need to do is search for the restaurant that serves best food, go there and enjoy.

Mushroom Masala

Mushroom Masala is another easy to prepare the mushroom dish, but this is quite different from Kadai mushroom as it is entirely grave based dish where onion and tomato gravy is used to make this dish. This is unique in taste as it holds the essence of onion and tomato and the softness of Mushroom. To enjoy the variety of mushroom dishes, including mushroom masala, there are numerous best places to eat in Amritsar, but Temptation Restaurant is top 10 restaurants in Amritsar go-to place where the quality and quantity is on the higher side at a low price.

Kadai Mushroom Dish

Kadai Mushroom is easy to prepare a dish that includes capsicum in it with tomato sauce, and it is a semi gravy based dish that satisfies the taste of every Indian with its spicy flavors. The dish is cooked inside the Kadai that is why the name is given to it ‘Kadai Mushroom.’ If you are willing to eat this mushroom dish, then you can easily find it from any of the restaurants in Amritsar. You will be able to cherish the taste of this tasty dish at a very nominal cost.

Temptation Restaurant is one of the top 10 restaurants in Amritsar to enjoy the various Mushroom dishes from the rich menu, and all dishes as mentioned earlier are available here at the most affordable cost. Visit today to enjoy getting together with your family and friends while enjoying the softer and tastier mushroom dishes in Amritsar.

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