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India is a diverse country; hence, you will find a lot of differences in many things here in India the food is one of them. Continental food is the variety of European cuisine that is famous worldwide for its mouth-watering taste. There are several restaurants in Amritsar where you can eat the best continental food […]

Temptation Restaurant is the best place to eat in Amritsar because there you get a variety of cuisine from different countries. The menu of the Temptation restaurant is an essential part. Various restaurants in Amritsar have a menu with a significant array of cuisines that you can relish and enjoy being there with your family […]

chicken nachos at Temptation Restaurant Amritsar

Snacks are the favorite food of almost every individual because it can be prepared in a quick time with delicious taste. You can enjoy a variety of chicken snacks at the best places to eat in Amritsar. Having a variety of chicken dishes with incredible taste and quality must be your first priority hence you […]

Amritsar is a tourist place along with the values of the religious and historical culture of India where the famous Gurudwara the Golden Temple holds the religious value and the Jallianwala Bagh holds the historical value. This place is one of the most visited here in India by a large number of tourists every year […]

Restaurants are the best place to eat in Amritsar whether you are travelling from outside or you are permanently living in Amritsar City. There are several dishes available for you to choose according to your desires and you can also select dishes according to the occasions. Following are Top 10 Indian Dishes available in Temptation […]

Different people do different things. For instance, some people love to play games, some love to play music, some are very fond of watching movies and then some love to relish a different kind of food all the times. You need to choose Indian food as your go-to cuisine because Temptation Restaurant is one of […]

Temptation Restaurant Amritsar

There are numerous occasions in your life when you need to gather your friends and relatives for parties or other get-together functions. In past times people used to arrange functions at home which was quite an arduous task to handle all things, and on top of that, it was not easy for the host to […]

Best Italian Food in Amritsar | Italian Restaurant In Amritsar

Amritsar is a tourist spot for foreigners because of its religious and historical value. The place has a rich history that attracts millions of visitors every year; hence, tourism is promoted in India. People from far from areas in India and also from foreign countries visit many places in Amritsar. It is essential to have […]